Saturday, February 25, 2012

Keeping A Homeschool Portfolio

Below is a list of a few hand-selected blogs and websites which have excellent information or rescources on creating and maintaining a homeschool portfolio.

Heidi's Head: Homeschool Portfolio
Contains images and detailed information on they keep a very nice looking scrapbook type portfolio for each of their children. Worth checking out even if you don't plan on doing a scrapbook.

HS Classroom's Portfolios
Detailed way they plan their portfolios. This is an easy, good looking way to do your portfolio.

Homeschool Portfolio at Oklahoma Homeschoolers
Detailed information on what to include in your portfolio per subject.

Donna Young Printables
Donna Young probably has more printables for use as logs than anyone could ever need. All for free. She also has many Portfolio Cover Pages for each subject that are worth looking at.

Our Busy Homeschool Portfolio
Pictures and information on how they've kept their portfolio. Includes information on how they organize all the child's work during the school year.

I have lots of printable portfolio or notebook covers available for free also.

Need help with logging school hours? This Missouri Homeschooler can help.

Homeschool Reporting Online has information about keeping records which are valuable for logs that are needed in most portfolios.

A note about portfolio evaluations (Florida).

Portfolio Checklist
A checklist for the parent to use of items to be included in their child's portfolio. Note that this is for Florida homeschoolers but can be used by any homeschooler, just be sure to check your state's homeschool laws to make sure you include any other documentation that may be required in your state.

The same site also has a very handy PDF file for you to view which I highly suggest taking a look at. It is short and to the point, easy to understand, and a wonderful reference. Here it is.

Need more info on portfolios? Try these websites:

From an Evaluator: What She Likes To See in the Portfolio
Brief Reading From Another Evaluator

If you're in Florida here is a link that will help you out. It contains contact info for many evaluators in Florida.
Florida Homeschool Evaluators

Here is a list of examples you can read of people's summaries they included in their child's yearly portfolio.
Examples of Summaries

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