Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pictures Of Our Japan Lapbook

We completed our first lapbook in homeschool. It was all about Japan as that was what we were learning about in our unit study. Most of the info was put together by me on the computer and printed since kiddo wouldn't be able to write everything out yet but he glued it all together. I don't think lapbooking is for us because he isn't the biggest fan of cutting and pasting so we are going to look into other means of recording what we're learning about (for now we're dabbling with notebooking tailoring it to the way he likes to do things). Here are pics of the completed lapbook.

The cover of the lapbook has a maneki neko cat welcoming you to the book along with the flag of Japan.

We glued two file folders together so we'd have a bigger lapbook. This is pages one and two when you open the book. The first page has mini books on the history of Japan, art of Japan, government of Japan and samurais. Page two has a mini book on koi fish, Mt. Fuji, rice, Shinto religion, and sushi.

Page three has a kanji word flip-flap book and color squares with the Japanese pronunciation. Page four has a circle book of Japanese technology, sumo wrestling, major festivals of Japan, Japanese pop culture, and inside a Japanese house.

For the back cover we glued a map of Japan with pictures from major cities.

This is the Shinto religion pop-up mini book. 

Mt. Fuji matchbook mini book and koi fish mini books opened.

History of Japan, Japanese art forms, and government of Japan mini books opened.

Japanese house four corner mini book open.

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